​Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a splitboard and the Mountain Morph?

A splitboard is used for skinning uphill and then snowboarding down. You cannot downhill ski on a splitboard.

  • When you are in ski mode, do the bindings release?

Yes. The system uses Dynafit bindings with a release capacity of 4-10.

  • How do you downhill ski with snowboard boots?

The boot binding includes an exoskeleton with a high, stiff back that is fixed, and there is a power strap to secure your lower leg to the binding.

  • When you are in snowboard mode, does the gap in the middle interfere with riding?

No. When riding, you generally stay on the heel or toe edge of a snowboard.

  • Do you have a patent?

Yes. In January of 2014 we were issued a patent for our combination downhill ski and snowboard design.

  • How do I determine what my Mountain Morph size should be?

For the average individual, the size of the equipment typically falls between your chin and nose for snowboards, and between your nose and forehead for skis. Therefore, the height from the floor to your nose would be a good start. However, you will also need to factor in your skill level, height, weight, body build, how you snowboard, and how you ski. Additionally, your ski stance, plus ski bindings, have to fit within your snowboard stance.